Art Kintsugi Private workshop

This is a private (1-10 people) workshop to learn the fundamental of Art Kintsugi method.

Booking and enquiry : Please contact us

Location: Marrickville / Potts Point / Your venue in Sydney  / Outside of Sydney (travel fee may apply)

Class duration : 3.5 hours
Cost: $130 – 150


What is Kintsugi?
Kintsugi is the century-old Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with Japanese lacquer (Urushi) dusted with powdered gold giving a new life to when otherwise items would be thrown away. In recent years this craftsmanship has been regarded as an important traditional art to influence on Modern art around the world.

In this three-hour step by step hands-on workshop, you will learn the Art Kintsugi method, following the principal of ancient Kintsugi but utilising more accessible alternative materials which enable us to complete the process within the class.

The process includes the repair of damaged pieces (broken, cracked, missing fragments), preparation of the surface, then a decorative finish with Japanese lacquer and gold (brass) powder.

At the end of the relaxing class, you will take home a Kintsugi art piece you create.


Kintsugi express Wabi-Sabi philosophy, an embracing of imperfection, whilst appreciating artefact’s history and personal memories. Instead of disguising the damages and bringing them to the original state, Kintsugi emphasises the defects with gold, symbolises life.


Kintsugi Room at Monster Mouse Studios, Marrickville.
The workshop is held in an art studio in Inner West Art Hub which gives you plenty of creative inspiration. We have face masks for everyone including teachers and hand sanitiser to conduct the workshop in a safe environment.


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