Art Kintsugi – Online

Online Workshop

$180.00 per person

Kintsugi is a century-old Japanese art and craft,  broken ceramic objects are joined  back together using  lacquer and gold dust based on the philosophy of Wabi Sabi finding beauty in imperfection.


The process transforms much loved, worn items into a beautifully crafted, new piece of art. It is a chance to live more sustainable way and to rescue objects which would otherwise be discarded.

Class is uniquely tailored private session conducted via zoom,  including Art Kintsugi starter kit with a ceramic plate to repair which is deliver to your home.

You will learn comprehensive Art Kintsugi method step by step, following the principal of ancient Kintsugi utilizing accessible materials which enable you to enjoy the creative process in the comfort of your own home.

After completing the class, you have your original Kintsugi piece and the skills to repair your own items at home.


Mindfulness as a form of meditation has taken on new meaning in these uncertain times. Absorbing yourself in art for a few hours is an enjoyable way to achieve the moment of calmess and being able to do this safely online – from anywhere in the world – is especially reassuring these days

This workshop is a tool to enhance positive social, cultural, and sustainability outcomes for local communities during and post COVID-19.

Supported by the City of Sydney