Delighted news that Gourmet Traveller magazine has featured Yoko in her art studio and her story of the  Kintsuig art on June 2021 issue.

   ”Often inanimate objects become sentimental fixtures in our home. Whether it’s the fragile souvenir that reminds you of your first holiday or the mug you were gifted
on your birthday, we form emotional attachments to the things that anchor our every day. It’s also the reason why we’re so upset when one of these cherished items accidentally smashes to pieces – it feels like a little bit of ourselves breaks too. One person on a mission to repair the things that bring us joy is designer-maker Yoko Kawada

Story was written by Lisa Marie Corso, Mebourne based writer of multiple media productions and projects. 


Talented photographer Alana Landsberry who’s magic eyes captured and turned the studio into a beautiful world of Kintsugi. 


Please contact Yoko about Kintsugi commission and upcoming workshops