Blue Mountains Lyttelton stores Art Kintsugi workshops 2nd and 3rd February 2024

We will be backin the beautiful Summer destination Blue Mountains in February 2024. 

Upcoming classes will be in the sustainable creative hub,  Lyttleton store in Lawson. 

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About the Workshop

In this 4 hours step by step hands-on workshop, you will learn the fundamental skill of Art Kintsugi method, following the principal of ancient Kintsugi utilising more accessible alternative materials (such as resin and gold metal) which enable us to complete the process within the class and safely. 

At the end of the  class, you will take home a piece of your own Kintsugi art and be able to repair your own items. 

About Workshop

Kintsugi is a century-old Japanese craftwork where broken ceramic objects are pieced back together using lacquer and gold dust based on the philosophy of Wabi Sabi finding beauty in imperfection.

The process transforms much loved, worn items into a beautifully crafted, new piece of art. It is a chance to live a more sustainable way and to rescue objects which would otherwise be discarded.

Class is suitable over 18 years old. 

Not suitable for pregnant person

You will be repairing a ceramic piece we prepare and take home

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