Transformation exhibition online
Royal Botanic Garden
1-15 August 2021



Art in the Recycle 

Live online  1  – 15 August 

Location – moved to ” Online exhibition – in comfort of your own at home lounge”

Forging treasures from the world’s lost and found

Eco-artists deliver a transformative experience in Royal Botanic Garden Sydney exhibition

The works of almost 40 innovative and renowned eco-artists will take centre-stage at a new exhibition online in August and opening at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney in December 2021.

Transformation will encompass everything from haute couture and jewellery, to homewares, wall art, textiles and more — with all exhibits featuring recycled materials, including paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, metal and rubber, in addition to discarded and found objects.

The exhibition will run online from 1–15 August 2021 and will continue from 11-19 December at The Palm House and The Moore Room (in the Royal Botanic Garden) and will excite all age groups. Entry is free of charge.

Curator Robbie Macintosh says Transformation is all about changing our perceptions of what qualifies as waste, and inspiring behavioural change. “We want to awaken our visitors’ collective conscience,” said Robbie.


I am honored to be invited to show my Art Kintsugi objects for this exhibitions and be able to share the inspiration that you could mend and give the damaged objects a new beautiful life.

I have seven Kintsugi art items on the show which profit will be donated to Dementia Australia. (private donation)
Your support will be very much appreciated.
Enjoy the show of many inspiring art and craft works of local artists. 

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