Seema Stamou
Yoko Kawada


Seema Stamou is a Sydney-based visual artist working mostly in the ceramic medium. Seema enjoys asymmetrical form and creates unusually shaped objects that come from her imagination. In her practice, she employs a variety of techniques of working with clay and slip.

Yoko Kawada is a Sydney-based designer who draws inspiration from her multi-cultural background and the idea of the unity of opposites. In her work, Yoko focuses on experimenting with materials and engages in traditional and contemporary craft practices.

Collaboration between Seema and Yoko brings together contemporary ceramics and traditional Japanese art of Kintsugi and Maki-e that involve restoration and decoration of objects – broken or cracked – with lacquer and gold. In the process of transforming a piece of ceramics, Yoko and Seema explore the concept of wabi-sabi and reflect on the idea of finding the internal beauty of the object.


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