Yoko Kawada

Yoko produces works using kintsugi, makie and mozaic tiles.
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Kintsugi is a century-old Japanese craftwork where broken ceramic objects are pieced back together using natural lacquer and gold dust based on the philosophy of Wabi Sabi finding beauty in imperfection.

Square+Round Mosaic Range

Unique polka-dot motifs, inspired by pop art, hand crafted with penny tiles.


Maki-e is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder as a decoration

About The Designer

Yoko’s works combine elements of handcraft and material technology, an approach which reflects her cross-cultural background ”Unity of Opposites” wabi & sabi aesthetic, mathematical perfection, boldness and elegance, tradition and innovation, streamlines and curves….. Square and Round. Recent years, as well as collaboration with Tajimi tile artisans in Japan for new product rang, Yoko is expanding her creative skills and practicing Japanese traditional art and craft of Kintsugi and Makie which she also teaches in workshops.