Art Maki-e workshop – Green Door Studio, Robertson

Launching a new workshop to learn the art of Maki-e and create your origina ear pierces at Green Door Studios, Robertson in October 2022. 

Please contact us directly if you are instersted! 

Location: The Green Door Studio, Robertson NSW

Date :   23 October  2022

Time : in the afternoon TBC 

About the Workshop

Join me for a unique experience to learn Japanese “Maki-e” technique, and create ear-pierces of your original design.

You will be applying the Maki-e surface art on 4 x porcelain mosaic ear-piece (two sets per person) using lacquer and fine metal powder.

Porcelain mosaic ear-pieces have been made with surgical steel studs, ready for your Maki-e art.

Finished pieces will be packed in a wooden box to take home.

We will be using an alternative lacquer and metal powder which are safer and easier for handling for the workshop

No experience is necessary.

This workshop is suitable for over 15 years old.

What is Mak-e ?

Maki-e is a Japanese ancient art of surface decoration technique which is famously used for lacquerware and Kintsugi. The process involves Urushi painting and sprinkle of metal powder such as pure gold and silver.

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