Thank you everyone who joined the workshops and came to see the Japanese art and craft show on Sunday in Melbourne.

At “Kintsugi Makie” workshop, we practice to apply Urushi lacquer along the mended lines on saucers using very fine brushes, then sprinkle gold brass dust on top to finish the surface decoration of the Kintsugi. It is actually the best and most enjoyable part of whole Kintsugi process, after 2-3 hours of DIY mending of broken pieces, although we feel tense and forget to breeze whilst painting (I do…) 😆😓

Another workshop was to apply the Urushi lacquer and brass powder on mosaic tile ear pierce to create original accessories. 
Everyone made beautiful pieces to take home, I can’t wait to see them after the excess powder being washed on Friday. 💛

If you like to try the Kintsugi Makie in Sydney, please let us know!




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