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Kintsugi is a century-old Japanese craft work where broken ceramic objects are pieced back together using lacquer and gold based on the philosophy  of Wabi Sabi finding beauty in imperfection.

The process transforms much loved, worn items into a beautifully crafted, new piece of art. It is a chance to live more sustainably and to rescue objects which would otherwise be discarded.

In the recent years the Kintsugi craftsmanship has been influencing on Modern art around the world.


I have been taught Kintsugi technique by a master ceramicist in Japan a few years ago and became completely passionate with the process and philosophy behind. I still practice whenever I find time, whenever I found broken objects. I would also love to share this experience to anyone who are interested, who like to challenge something new, through my workshops. 


Kintsugi Room 

is offered for whom completed the introductory workshop.  2-3 hours self- practice in the studio utilising tools and materials, just bring your own ceramic to repair.  I will be available to assist you when necessary. 

By appointment only. 

Up to two people.

$25 per person




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